Parkland survivors slam Louis C.K. after audio reportedly features him mocking them – USA TODAY

  1. Parkland survivors slam Louis C.K. after audio reportedly features him mocking them  USA TODAY
  2. Louis C.K. Targets Trans People and Parkland Shooting Survivors in a Leaked Set  GQ
  3. Comedian Louis C.K. mocks Parkland shooting survivors in leaked audio  CNN
  4. Parkland survivors respond to Louis C.K. after comedian mocked their activism in new comedy routine  Sun Sentinel
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YouTube duo Come Curious celebrate sex being ‘fun, stupid, gross, gory and full of pleasure’ – Metro


YouTube duo Come Curious celebrate sex being 'fun, stupid, gross, gory and full of pleasure'
YouTube duo Come Curious have revealed all about their new podcast F**ks Given. The pair – Florence Barkway and Reed Amber – are here to destigmatise conversations around sex, taking to YouTube to debunk misconceptions. Chatting to, …