Sex attacker, whose ’15 minutes of fun’ left victim with nightmares, gets probation – Toronto Sun

Toronto Sun

Sex attacker, whose '15 minutes of fun' left victim with nightmares, gets probation
Toronto Sun
NEVADA, Iowa — A student who was sexually assaulted after an Iowa State University party confronted her assailant at his sentencing hearing Thursday, telling him the attack had scarred her forever. The March 2014 assault “turned my life upside down,” …

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Sex without cuddling ruins fun for women – Local 10

Local 10

Sex without cuddling ruins fun for women
Local 10
MIAMI – Guys with somewhere to go immediately after sex are probably disappointing their female partners. A new study shows that women enjoy sexual encounters by an astounding 30 percent more when a post-sex cuddle session follows the deed.
Sex-ed programs at school are 'cringey,' 'moralistic,' study findsChicago Tribune

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The woman who made sex fun: Helen Gurley Brown liberated the single girl with an advice guide that sold 2 million … – Daily Mail

Daily Mail

The woman who made sex fun: Helen Gurley Brown liberated the single girl with an advice guide that sold 2 million …
Daily Mail
A cartoon in the New Yorker in 1968 showed a city street with the word 'sex' scrawled over doorways, in windows, on trucks and water towers, and a matronly pedestrian saying to her male companion: 'I suppose we have Helen Gurley Brown to thank for this.'.

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After the Japanese, we do get a lot of American dates here at Stansted escorts. That surprised me a bit at first but there is a large American community here in Stansted. I am not so sure how they ended up here, but they make up a lot of my regular dates. Americans are a bit different to date, and I have to say that sometimes I find them a little bit like hard work. Dating British escorts is not the same as dating American escorts, and they expect us to behave like American escorts, but that will never happen.

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